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Notary & Document Translation Services

At MacTax Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services to our clients. One of the key services we provide is our Notary Public and Document Translation services. Our experienced and certified notaries are available to assist with all of your notarization needs, including document signing, oaths, and affirmations.


We understand that legal documents can be complex and difficult to understand, which is why we also offer document translation services. Our team of professional translators can help you navigate any language barriers and ensure that your documents are accurate and legally binding.


Whether you need to notarize a business contract or have immigration documents translated, we have you covered. With our Notary Public and Document Translation services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your legal affairs are in good hands.

What's Included

In Our Notary & Document Translation


  • Notary Public services, including document authentication and certification

  • Translation services for a variety of languages

  • Assistance with legal document preparation and filing

  • Mobile Notary services available for on-site appointments

  • Competitive pricing and flexible scheduling options

  • Expertise in a variety of industries and legal matters.

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